Marc Viggiano

Marc Viggiano Marc Viggiano is a Senior Vice President and has served as Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) for Sensis Corporation since 2007. As CSO, Mr. Viggiano is responsible for the company’s overall strategic direction including the incubation of new ventures into new corporate divisions. He also oversees corporate research and development activities, technology roadmaps, mergers and acquisitions, intellectual property protection and licensing; as well as marketing activities, including internal and external communications, government relations and branding. Prior to becoming CSO, Mr. Viggiano was president of Sensis Air Traffic Systems for 10 years, which he created as a division of Sensis. In this capacity, he was responsible for leading and promoting the development of next generation aviation surveillance sensors and automation systems focusing on safety, capacity and efficiency in the terminal area and on the airport surface. Mr. Viggiano has more than 30 years of experience in the design and development of advanced sensor and communication systems including ground, air and space based radar, Air Traffic Control automation equipment, communication based train control systems, bio-medical sensors and automatic ID equipment. Before joining Sensis Corporation 21 years ago, Mr. Viggiano worked in Advanced Sensor Systems within General Electric’s Aerospace Group. He received his MSEE from Syracuse University, BSEE from the Rochester Institute of Technology and is a graduate of the General Electric Advanced Course in Engineering and the National Security Studies Leadership program.