J. Zane Smith

Zane SmithJ. Zane Smith is a founding partner of Beneco, Inc., a national employee benefits company serving clients in 38 states. Zane is the senior vice president and principal partner. Founded in 1986, Beneco, Inc. serves clients in the construction industry and has an annual sales volume of $80 million.

In addition to his leadership role for Beneco, Inc., Zane is also a managing partner and principal in other companies with both national and regional scope, including Benesystems LLC; Columbus Dairy Co.; Mustard Seed Properties LLC; Agent Management Systems, Inc.; and The Old Seabiscuit Corporation.

Zane is the president of the Mohawk Valley Christian Education Foundation, Inc. and currently serves on the board of trustees for Randallsville New Life Church. He is also involved on the national level with other boards and committees in the investment and agricultural industries.

Zane and his wife have five children and reside in Earlville.