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New York's Creative Core is a software as a service whose primary value is the real-time delivery of a competency based, psychologically validated employee selection suite for high volume hiring. will allow an organization to streamline and enhance the quality of its candidate screening process by seamlessly delivering both pre employment assessments and automated reference checking.

Diffinity GenomicsDiffinity Genomics develops nucleic acid ("NA") purification and analysis products for research, medical and industrial applications. The products are based upon a platform technology for configuring various types of surfaces to create a differential affinity ("diffinity") to adsorb or repel different types of nucleic acids. Diffinity’s addressable market includes applications for purifying DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) and RNA (ribonucleic acid) – the most common forms of nucleic acid.

e2e Materials, LLCe2e Materials, LLC is a 'clean technology' start-up company in Ithaca, New York that produces petroleum-free, biodegradable composites that are stronger, lighter, and cheaper than composites filling landfills today. e2e's composite material platform can be tuned to a range of strength properties reaching into midrange steels delivering tremendous strength to weight ratios. These fully biodegradable materials are made from annually renewable resources including soy proteins and natural fibers such as bamboo, jute, flax and kenaf.

MezmerizMezmeriz has developed breakthrough materials science technology that will enable a new generation of displays. Spawned from research at Cornell University's famed nanotechnology laboratory, Mezmeriz's carbon fiber MEMS systems will lead to video projectors that are no larger than a matchbook, massive energy efficient high-definition television that can hang on the wall using a simple picture hook, displays that see, and cameras that project.

Paper Battery Co. LogoThe Paper Battery Company is an emerging technology development and commercialization company engineering paper-based super-capacitors and batteries from a common starting sheet of material, made in a high volume, scalable process. The company will bring to market technology that is directed at the future needs for energy storage where moldable sheets of super-capacitors and batteries that efficiently meet power and energy demands will disappear into the body of the device that needs to be powered. The company’s vision is to lead the way in developing and bringing to market the next generation of hybrid, energy harvesting and storage devices, meeting the future of clean, renewable energy.

CherryPharm logoCherryPharm is a consumer branded beverage business based in the inherent/natural health benefits of tart cherries, which are proven to provide significant benefits beyond basic nutrition to improve athletic performance and health. Cherries have been shown to contain a number of powerful antioxidants and other naturally occurring bioactive components, particularly natural pain relievers and melatonin. Likewise, studies indicate that cherries are a significant source of anthocyanins, which have been shown to inhibit a certain cyclooxygenase (COX) enzyme used by the body to signal pain and inflammation. The presence of such COX 1 and COX 2 inhibitors is a major benefit of tart cherry juice consumption. From its inception, CherryPharm has pursued and built upon the science that supports the product's value proposition to consumers.

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